Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Summer Update

I'd forgotten how long it'd been! Reading back through the two posts I made earlier this year, I realised that I mentioned my goal to do Concave Wall. Just thought I'd say that I did in fact do it soon afterwards, in good clean trad style. If I remember rightly, I ended up with my right foot on a tiny pebble, then standing up and crossing my left in front of it to get into the break, in a bizarre 'walking up stairs' kind of technique. A local climber who was watching observed, 'Well that's one way to do it...'

After having seconded it not that long ago, I'm quite impressed I got up it on lead without falling once, it still felt quite tough.

The rest of this summer's largely been taken up with HVS 5a onsights, with the odd 5b cropping up. We went to the Lakes and Almscliff too, but I'll save them for another post. Shock horror, I actually have pictures for them too.

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