Saturday, 15 October 2011

Captain Cook's

Got out to Captain Cook's the other day for an evening of bouldering. No climbing this weekend, it's a busy one, but Thursday's bouldering sesh made up for it. We did everything in the area V2 or below and tried some of the V3 stuff but couldn't get the sit start! Frustrating!

The first area we went to had a pond, and was a fairly disappointing, crumbly looking bit of crag. I think it was called Cockshaws? Chortle chortle. I'm not in the mood for loose stuff at the moment, unless it's top quality or nice and high.

After inspecting it I hurried Matt and his poor mother along to Right Little Potters' Quarry, which turned out to have some fun if short bouldering. Finally starting feel like I can mantle properly, which is good.

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