Friday, 28 January 2011

First post: Duke of Edinburgh

Well, my first ever blog post. How exciting. Anyhow, to avoid making a rather banal 'first post' post for the sake of it, I'll add some actual content.

Tomorrow I'll be embarking on the residential part of my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award...and the next day, I'll be returning. Not particularly adventurous, considering we'll be staying in dorms, but it's something to write about. The first day'll be archery and climbing/high ropes (weather dependant), then the second day we'll be treat to a 15km walk. Luckily, our route passes through the Wainstones, me and my climbing partner Matt's usual climbing spot, so we'll be able to check how the rock is.

We're hoping to get back on there after a long hiatus for winter; indoor climbing just isn't the same I'm afraid, even if it is at the brilliant Rock Antics in Newton Aycliffe. We only learned to climb trad in September, and only started climbing indoors in April, so this'll be our first full season. With a new set of micronuts and 5 new cams, I'm chomping at the bit to climb trad again, and especially excited to fly up Concave Wall E1/HVS (the grade differs depending on who you listen to) after months of training indoors. It always defeated me last year, but not this time! The cams and nuts seem about right for protecting it too.

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